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20502Re: [Clip] Move Tabs

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  • loro
    Mar 8 1:25 PM
      thefrankwmx wrote:
      >1 reset tab display with [View > Stack Document Tabs]
      >2 close the tabs I want to move
      >3 reopen each of these, which will load them at the right

      4. Grab a tab by lclicking and holding down the left mouse button and
      drag it to where you want it. If the tabs are stacked you must check
      Allow Reordering first.

      I have a button on the clipbar that moves the focused document to the
      right end of the tab bar, as you were talking about. The only problem
      with that is that is that the document has to be saved first as it
      need to be closed and reopened and perhaps one doesn't want to save it.

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