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  • thefrankwmx
    Mar 8, 2010
      I have been using NTP since v3 days with great satisfaction. After all this time I think I may have found something that would actually improve NoteTab, at least for me.

      I usually have many tabs open at the same time working on collections of files. I am building new files using snippets of code from other files, maintaining variable names across interconnected files, etc.

      When I close a file then reopen it, the reopened file is loaded as a tab at the right of all open tabs. This is fine with me. But if I want to reorder the tabs so I am working on an easy-to-toggle group of tabs at the right I have two options:

      1 reset tab display with [View > Stack Document Tabs]
      2 close the tabs I want to move
      3 reopen each of these, which will load them at the right

      1 scroll left through the tabs to find the one I want to move
      2 click and drag the tab to the right, one pageview at a time
      3 repeat this process for each tab I want to move right

      Either of these options is time-consuming. I suspect I have spent many hours over the last 10 years, maybe days altogether, just moving tabs around to make my next task easier.

      So I though I would build a clip to simply close and reopen the focused tab. But then I got to thinking...If I could do that then how hard would it be to add a button under View, under Stack Document Tabs, that said Move Tab To End, and then, when clicked, did exactly that?

      Fairly impossible for me of course, but probably not for Mr Fookes.

      So this is my contribution. I hope enough NoteTab users will find it has sufficient merit that Eric will build it into the next version.

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