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20496Assistance needed: CLIP to add functionality to .LOG function.

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  • howstah
    Mar 6, 2010
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      Hi All,

      I discovered the .LOG function for NTP files and love the idea to save time and get quick access to a file.

      Does anyone know if there is a clip which has added fucntionality to this idea? My problem is I need instant immediate access to writing in NTP, my text editor of choice!

      Here is what's needed : basically a one-click-opening instant diary, which, like a blog, pushes down the content - NOT appends to the end:

      * when file opens fires a clip which inserts date etc. AT TOP of existing material
      * moves past that date text & adds 2x lines whitespace (CRLF's?)
      * cursor sits focussed ready to type

      I am unable to grasp clip programming at all, tried for years, I have NO math skills, I make films 8-) so invite all to assist if possible.

      Your help is gratefully accepted. Regards -- Howard
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