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20472Re: modifying format of stats tool output & concatenating stats from many files

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  • diodeom
    Mar 1, 2010
      "Sheri" <silvermoonwoman@...> wrote:
      > ;2007-01-14 created by Sheri Pierce
      > ;2010-03-01 Revision by Sheri Pierce
      > ;revision tested with NoteTab 6.2 (PCRE 8.01)
      > ;use to help create clearvariable statements for the clip being edited
      > ^!If ^$GetSelSize$>0 Next Else Skip
      > ^!Continue Some text is highlighted. Only variables set within the selection will be considered.
      > ^!Set %varnames%="^$GetDocListAll("(?i)(^\^\!Set(Array|Code)?\x20|;\x20?)\K%[\d\pL_]+?%(?=\=)";"^!ClearVariable $0\r\n")$"
      > ^!IfEmpty ^%varnames% Next Else Skip_2
      > ^!Info No variables found
      > ^!Goto Clear
      > ^!Set %varnames%="^$StrSort(^%varnames%;No;Yes;Yes)$"
      > ^!Info ^%varnames%
      > ^!Set %varnames%=""
      > :Clear
      > ^!ClearVariable %varnames%
      > ;end of clip

      I suppose there is no harm in this minute redundancy where any array elements that were (re)set individually somewhere in the target code are offered in the results as well.

      [\d\pL_] could be \w, I believe. And I'd guess ^!Set %varnames%="" may be a leftover from before :Clear existed?
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