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20043Re: [Clip] HTML to wikiHow conversion clip

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  • Mr. Phillip Sand Hansel II
    Dec 1 2:20 PM

      I saw there was some discussion in the past on using NoteTab to make wiki documents, but could not find a clipbook on converting HTML to wikiHow syntax.

      I am trying to convert web pages to something wikiHow understands, and have come up with a substitution clip that works fairly well, but is probably not as elegant as possible. My humble approach attacks the start and end tags individually.

      WikiHow has it's own simple syntax. There is a second level header denoted by == Header 2 ==.
      There are URL links denoted by [[link description]].
      There are image links denoted by [[Image: imagename.jpg|thumb| description]].
      There are table markup tags; which are too complicated for me to understand how to translate (out of my scope, presently).

      My clip so far looks like this... any suggestions appreciated.

      ; convert HTML to WikiHow markup
      ^!Jump DOC_START
      ; Convert various Headers to 2nd level hdr used by wikiHow.
      ^!Replace <H1> == SICHA
      ^!Replace <H2> == SICHA
      ^!Replace <H3> == SICHA
      ^!Replace <H4> == SICHA
      ^!Replace <H5> == SICHA
      ^!Replace </H1> == SICHA
      ^!Replace </H2> == SICHA
      ^!Replace </H3> == SICHA
      ^!Replace </H4> == SICHA
      ^!Replace </H5> == SICHA
      ;Convert List items to wikiHow ordered list flags (#)
      ^!Replace <LI> # SICHA
      ^!Replace </LI> SICHA
      ;Convert paragraphs to wikiHow ordered list flags? (#)
      ^!Replace <P> # SICHA
      ^!Replace </P> SICHA
      ;Convert links to wikiHow syntax
      ^!REPLACE <A HREF=" [[ SICHA
      ^!REPLACE </A> ]] SICHA

      ;Convert image links to wikiHow syntax
      ^!REPLACE <IMG SRC=" [Image: SICHA
      ; replace image attributes with nothing
      ^!Replace "WIDTH=\"...\"" >> "" WRS
      ^!Replace "HEIGHT=\"...\"" >> "" WRS
      ^!Replace "BORDER=\".*\"" >> "" WRS
      ^!Replace "ALT=\".+\"" >> "" WRS
      ;Fix straggler closing angle brackets?
      ^!Replace " > "" WRS
      ^!Replace " > "" WRS
      ^!Replace " > "" WRS
      ;And then add "strip HTML markup" menu item? Currently doing manually after above substitutions have been made.

      Mr. Phillip Sand Hansel II

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