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20041Is there a more detailed explanation of Find\Replace options?

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  • joy8388608
    Dec 1, 2009
      I must be overlooking something really basic, but I can't get the hang of the way some of the options work together in Find and Replace. I understand them individually, but together, they don't seem to do what I expect.

      I see that, For ^!Replace "other" >> "XXXother" IHSAW, the W overrides the H and replaces everything no matter what was selected. Ok, this is the way it works. No problem.

      NoteTab 6.12 Light XP Home SP3.
      Why does this clip not find anything (IfError is true right away no matter where the cursor is) but a non clip find command 'sees' all the matches?

      ^!Find "other" IS
      ^!IfError END
      ^!InsertText XXXother
      ^!Goto LOOP





      If I add the H option and put a space before each digit, the strings are found and the strings from the cursor position down are changed. I expect this. BUT... if I select lines 2 through 4 (other 2 and other 3), the last four lines are changed, not just the selected two.

      Also, what happens in a clip when, in the middle of a Find loop, the cursor is moved around and/or different parts of text get selected than what were originally selected?

      Is there some pseudo code that explains the steps NoteTab takes?

      Thanks VERY much for help with this basic but really important command!

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