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2[Clip] Syntactic text coloring

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  • aaron@neversoft.com
    Mar 15, 1999
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      Howdy all -

      I've been plugging away with my good ol' NoteTab Pro,
      and just downloaded the newest version (4.6 final Beta 4)
      I could find.

      One thing I'd love to see in the near future is context-
      sensitive text coloring, similar to that which is already
      done for the HTML syntax, but for C, Awk, Perl, or any
      user-specified syntax.

      Ex: I specify a list of keywords that should be viewed as
      "type 1" words. In C, for example, I might use "int, float,
      double, char, void", etc., and NoteTab would display these
      words in the format of my choosing (say, blue text). I can
      then specify as many word types as I'd like, with different

      As it is, the HTML auto-coloring is very helpful, but I
      also program in C and other languages (including a proprietary
      scripting language we use at work), and it would be great to
      be able to re-use that feature but based on a generic syntax,
      rather than being limited to HTML's syntax.

      Peace, and Smooth Waters.

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