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  • tom thomas
    Nov 22, 2009
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      Good idea about the spaces in otl titles. I also
      use just a single space for a title. Appears as a blank title.


      At 03:34 PM 11/22/2009, you wrote:
      >OTL Tools...
      >I use OTL files extensively.
      >One clip I'd like does this:
      >It reads thru an OTL file and creates the following type of report:
      >Topic1 - 23 lines
      >Topic2 - 49 lines
      >Topic3 - 18 lines
      >My OTL files grow fast, and when they get too big, I create a new
      >separate otl file.
      >Handy Tip:
      >For those like me who use hierarchies extensively, here's a poor man's
      >hierarchy technique, since otl files offer only 1 level of indentation:
      >I simply use '2 spaces' to indicate visually a new level of hierarchy or
      >Hence, example: (dots indicate spaces)
      >Black Boxes
      >..Aviation Psychology
      >....CRM - Cockpit Resource Management
      >Next topic
      >Everyone is Gifted;
      >Everyone is Handicapped;
      >We are all Unique, thus Partial,
      >So we need each other.
      >Life is balancing being Unique and Belonging.
      >Bob Gorman
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