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19883Re: [Clip] Saving one's place

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Nov 5, 2009
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      ^!SetView RowTop:ColLeft (added in v4.8)
      Moves the top line and leftmost column to the specified coordinates in
      current document window.

      Thoughts on that vs other options? User choice or benefits?

      ^!SetCursor Row:Col
      Places cursor at specified row and column.

      hsavage wrote:
      > John Shotsky wrote:
      >> Very nice! Works perfectly, and I don't need to set the cursor first.
      >> I wanted it inline for my use, so I modified it thusly: (I already have an .ini file active)
      >> At the top:
      >> ^!SetScreenUpdate OFF
      >> ^!SaveValue ScreenPos:GetRowTop=^$GetRowTop$ ^!SaveValue ScreenPos:GetColLeft=^$GetColLeft$
      >> ^!SaveValue ScreenPos:ScreenPos=^$GetRowTop$:^$GetColLeft$
      >> [My clips]
      >> ^!SetCursor ^$GetValue(ScreenPos:ScreenPos)$
      >> ^!SetView ^$GetValue(ScreenPos:ScreenPos)$
      >> ^!ClearValues ScreenPos
      >> This was exactly what I had in mind, and I will be using it from now on.
      > John,
      > Great, my next suggestion was to incorporate this into your clip
      > sequence but I see you've already done it.
      > Just one other thing, these lines, and there should be 2 lines are
      > redundant unless you're going to do something with the individual
      > numbers that are generated. This may have been joined in email.
      > currently in email;;;
      > ^!SaveValue ScreenPos:GetRowTop=^$GetRowTop$ ^!SaveValue
      > ScreenPos:GetColLeft=^$GetColLeft$
      > should be;;;
      > ^!SaveValue ScreenPos:GetRowTop=^$GetRowTop$
      > ^!SaveValue ScreenPos:GetColLeft=^$GetColLeft$
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