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19878Re: [Clip] Saving one's place

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  • hsavage
    Nov 4 6:13 PM
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      John Shotsky wrote:
      > Interesting problem:
      > When looking at some section of a document, a certain amount is
      visible on
      > the screen at a time. The cursor may or may not be in the field of
      view -
      > perhaps it was scrolled up while reading. When an issue is seen
      that one
      > wants to try a clip with, I'd like to have the same document segment
      > displayed after running the clip. Most of my clips affect the whole
      > document, so it will scroll during screen update, or after turning
      off and
      > then Update Screen.
      > Thanks,
      > John


      Below is a small/short clip to help achieve your desired end result.
      You must run it before running the other modifying clips and choose
      'SET'. That will save the location of the text that currently shows
      on your screen .

      Following that you may run your clip series for the modifications to
      your text file. Afterward, to return to the approximate location you
      were in at the beginning run the clip again and select 'GET'. That
      should return you to, if no lines were deleted or added, the exact
      spot you were viewing before running your modifications.

      Give it a try on something non-critical at first. This would work
      best if you add an icon for the clip to you 'Personal ClipBar. You
      would have access to the clip regardless of which library you're
      working in.

      ; • Modified-Updated~Created_2009.11.04
      ; • hrs ø hsavage·pobox·com_07:47:00p
      ^!SetIniFile NtbUsers
      ^!GoTo ^?{SET or GET Screen Position==_SET||GET}
      ^!SaveValue ScreenPos:GetRowTop=^$GetRowTop$
      ^!SaveValue ScreenPos:GetColLeft=^$GetColLeft$
      ^!SaveValue ScreenPos:ScreenPos=^$GetRowTop$:^$GetColLeft$
      ^!GoTo End
      ^!SetCursor ^$GetValue(ScreenPos:ScreenPos)$
      ^!SetView ^$GetValue(ScreenPos:ScreenPos)$
      ^!ClearValues ScreenPos

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