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  • Robin & Blaine
    Oct 27, 2009
      Hi bozlawless,

      I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but you can plug this
      snip into any clip you want to prevent the operation of while you're
      focused on editing the particular file. This should help you even if you
      jump to a clip in another library file as long as you're focused on a
      .clb file.
      Note that if you're using clips to build and run clips, this could mess
      you up.
      On the other hand, I alter this slightly to make sure I'm focused on
      just a .css file and nothing else when I'm running CSSTidy, or in just a
      .htm/.html file when running HTMLTidy. I used to get slightly perturbed
      when I'd CSSTidy some other type of file than a .css!

      ^!Set %infile%=^$GetDocName$
      ;Returns entire path and file name of focused file.
      ^!Set %ckext%=^$GetExt(^%infile%)$
      ;Separates and returns the extension of focused file (with extension dot).
      ^!IfSame ^%ckext% .clb mybad
      ;IfSame is not case sensitive. If the focused file is a library clip
      file (.clb), jump to mybad, otherwise, go ahead and operate.
      ;If you want to add more extensions to protect, it's easy.
      ^!IfSame ^%ckext% .clh mybad
      ^!IfSame ^%ckext% .ctb mybad
      ^!Goto operate
      ;If all tests are passed, then jump to operate.

      ^!Info [L] AAAYYYEEE YYOOUU! Wrong file! Wake up! Get out of this file
      and focus on the one you want! Or did you click the wrong clip??
      ;The polite? reminder.
      ^!Goto Exit
      ;Totally quit ALL operations of ALL clips including Parents with Exit.

      ;The rest of the story...

      If you want make sure you're in just the right kind of file, try this
      IfSame test arrangement.

      ^!IfSame ^%ckext% .css operate
      ^!Goto mybad
      ;If the test FAILS, don't operate, but jump to mybad.

      This is the one that keeps me calm when I'm CSSTidy-ing!
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