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19829Re: [Clip] Lock Clips

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  • hsavage
    Oct 27, 2009
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      bozlawless wrote:
      > i am sure this has been asked but i cant find it in here can you
      lock a clip or password protect it ?


      You could change the clip library disk file, "filename.clb", to
      Read-Only as has been suggested. That will prevent NoteTab from
      saving any changes. It does work if you change the disk file to
      Read-Only. Of course, this precludes you from editing any clip in
      the library.

      Another option is to save the library to another, backup, filename
      before you start editing.

      Third option is always use the Clip Editor, never edit the open file
      in NoteTab. The clip-editor displays only the specific clip you
      select to edit.

      Last one, you might consider using the NoteTab bookmark function to
      mark the clip to edit and use the bookmark to jump to the marked clip
      in the library file before you change anything.

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