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  • loro
    Sep 20, 2009
      John wrote:
      >I have actually managed to create one of these .hta's that works,
      >and which is able to link to a document on the
      >internet for 'more details'. It does everything I need, and more. If
      >my users aren't using IE, are they SOL?

      No, but if they aren't using Windows they are. Actually, I'm not sure
      if that window is a component of IE or a component of Windows.
      Doesn't matter, if they use Notetab they should have both Windows and
      IE, even if they prefer another browser.

      Glad it worked for you. I love those little windows because they
      look so neat and I can keep them open as long as I want and still
      work in Notetab. That was what made me use them to start with. Hope
      you don't run into any problems, because I don't know much about HTA,
      so I may not be able to help out.

      >I will convert my information files to this format, and distribute
      >them to my users. Now to sharpen up my html skills.

      For new stuff you could have a clip create them, but maybe that's
      overkill. I dump mine together with any icons in a folder called INFO
      inside Notetab's folder.

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