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19596bug with linefeeds

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  • Axel Berger
    Sep 2 12:33 PM
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      I have just stumbled across a very strange behaviour, that I consider a
      bug in version 5.8.

      In some recent posts we had established that NoteTab treats isolated
      <CR> just like full newlines <CR><LF> on loading. However, contrary to
      the way Tempus does it, single linefeeds <LF> or $0a are not converted.
      So far so good. Now Irfanview writes such linefeeds into its automated
      thumbnail generation, but I run a bit of post treatment over the files

      Now if there is a ^!Replace looking for "^L" but NOT CHANGING anything,
      then these linefeeds get converted to newlines, i.e. <LF> to <CRLF>.
      This I consider a bug.

      I found that of the two replacements:

      ^!Replace "^P^L</tr>^L</DIV>^P" >> "^P^P</DIV>^P" WASI
      ^!Replace "^P^L</TR>^L<TR>^L^P" >> "^P^P" WASI

      whichever one comes first works and the other doesn't because it no
      longer finds its ^L. It doesn't matter which one comes first and which
      second, it is always the first that works and the second that does not.


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