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  • ebbtidalflats
    Sep 1, 2009
      In no particular order,

      1. If you're trying to overcome NoteTab's failure to ecognize
      if a file has been modified by an external application,
      NoteTab functions are unlikely to overcome this problem.

      One way to reliably detect if a file has changed against
      the open document is to check their CRC or MD5 signatures.
      Check the file, check the doc, compare the signatures
      against each other.

      fix that is to use the ARCHIVE bit (GetDosOutput).
      However, that will require you to keep track of the archive
      bit while editing yourself.

      2. Did later versions of NTP fix certain problems?
      Weeellllll, tracking, if a file has been modified,
      has a whole new twist -- at least in MY experience.
      Fookes holdings has not been able to help so far.

      a. First, reporting if an external app has changed a
      file is a problem with USB drives, which have a
      second order delay in writing (greater delay
      than on hard disks). So if you're using USB drives
      for data storage, Windows may be the problem.

      b. NTP 6.12 FREQUENTLY reports a library as modified
      externally, "do I want to reload?" when I KNOW it
      has not been modified. The problem lies in the
      many possible locations for library files
      Program Files/NoteTab/libraries
      ...\user\Application Data\NoteTab\libraries
      and wherever you designate on commandline

      I'm not sure if 6.12 tracks external changes properly,
      it seems

      c. Displaying the topic list of an outline file
      next to the content of a different document is
      still with us in ver 6.12

      This is ofcourse a "second window" problem.

      Despite these and other NoteTab anoyances, I found it well worth upgrading.



      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, Sezor <sezor@...> wrote:
      > Good day all.
      > Can anyone suggest what's wrong with this 4.95 code,
      > intended to close then reopen the current file? -
      > :R
      > ; close then reopen current file
      > ^!ClipBoardSave
      > ^!Set %path%=^$GetPath(^**)$
      > ^!Set %name%=^$GetFileName(^**)$
      > ; ^!SetClipboard ^%name%
      > ; ^!Info fpath is ^%path%^%name%
      > ^!IfFalse ^$IsModified$ NoSave
      > ; ^!Close Discard
      > ; ^!Close "^%path%^%name%" Discard
      > ^!Keyboard Ctrl+F4 &3000 n
      > ^!Goto open
      > :NoSave
      > ^!Keyboard Ctrl+F4
      > ^!Goto open
      > :Open
      > ; ^!Info fpath is ^%path%^%name%
      > ; ^!Set %name%=^$GetClipBoard$
      > ; ^!Info fpath is ^%path%^%name%
      > ^!Wait
      > ^!Open "^%path%^%name%"
      > ^!ClipBoardRestore
      > ^!Goto end
      > Or suggest an alternative?
      > If the file is not modified, it works ok. If it is, it can
      > yield odd results - like a file called efo~33.otl
      > containing the first topic of the file being closed
      > which had no topic list in spite of the .otl extension.
      > .
      > It fails because it transforms the filename (whatever it
      > is) into "efo~NN" - which, naturally, is not found. It seems to
      > work better on smaller files (?).
      > The path part gives no trouble.
      > The commented out lines show things I've tried.
      > Sezor
      > PS I'm writing this clip because ntb 4.95 doesn't always
      > recognize when an open file has been modified by another app.
      > It also sometimes, when reloading a changed outline file,
      > displays the topic list of one file alongside the text
      > content of another.
      > Has the new version fixed these hics?
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