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19370Re: [Clip] Re: sorting an array

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Jul 1, 2009
      Hi Jeff,

      I certainly could, but then I have to keep track of what document I am
      coming from and then get it back. What we have concluded is that I
      don't need to do that. I can work directly on a variable (with ^P as
      separators) or on the clipboard also and that way I need not leave my
      document at all.

      I was doing exactly what you are suggesting which is to sort them and
      then put them back into the array variable.

      I understand it much better (I think anyway) than I did yesterday. We
      can probably try to help you with your clip if you post up the relevant
      parts (or all) and we can probably help you along.


      Jeff wrote:
      > Don - HtmlFixIt.com wrote:
      > What I didn't want to do
      > was to sort my entire document because that isn't the object I am
      > working on.
      > can you cut the piece to a new document, process it there then cut the
      > finished work back to Doc Prev? That approach worked for my site
      > indexing clip.
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