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19285Re: [Clip] Searching for multiple text items

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  • Flo
    Jun 2, 2009
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      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, "Sheri" <silvermoonwoman@...> wrote:
      > Hi Alec (Flo),
      > I think Flo was hoping for an easy, free solution to boolean
      > searches that could be launched from clips...

      > I think Flo was hoping for an easy, free solution to boolean
      > searches that could be launched from clips.

      Yes, Sheri, that's my point. To be launched from a clip and returning the search results to NT. Or more detailed:

      1. Start a clip in NT
      2. Use hard-coded search criteria or enter them in a wizard
      3. Send these criteria as parameters to an external tool
      4. Return the search results to NT, i.e. insert the results into a document or continue clip execution with these results.

      I agree with you that BFIND is not the standard we need though it masters Boolean Expressions. (By the way: We may improve that whole-words issue a little bit by adding spaces and writing "·Babcock·" (quoted) but again this wouldn't cover all variations.)

      Maybe the best solution would be an utility that combines something like BFIND (Boolean expressions) with FINDSTR (RegEx), or another tool that we havn't seen so far.

      Those work-arounds with GREP or FINDSTR are able to simulate a Boolean AND, OR, and probably also a NOT. But -- as I said before -- we'll get into trouble when trying to create a solution executing enlarged Boolean queries like Chilli's example "(apples AND oranges) OR (apples AND bananas)".

      There are tools perfectly executing such Boolean queries -- I mentioned InfoRapid (http://www.inforapid.de/html/searchreplace.htm), for example. Another nice little tool is WanyWord (http://home4.inet.tele.dk/jensguld/). But the problem with these programs is how to fully integrate them in a clip as mentioned above.

      So I agree with Sheri's summary: "But anyway. If you come across a better command line tool that works well on Windows, let us know."

      Or we may see an improved Search Disk Command in the future. i.e.: a Search Disk that executes Boolean search and comes with commands for scripting. I wonder why Eric Fookes shows that "fair amount of reserve" with respect to these issues though the drawbacks of Search Disk have often been discussed in this forum...

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