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19132Re: [Clip] best way to substitute a list of items

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    May 1, 2009
      well current_event has in it one of the terms I described at the outset
      by the time we arrive here in the clip that runs for several hundred
      lines ... so I just need to modify the term at this point in the clip
      ... this is working fine, but just seems cumbersome.

      There are actually 17 events, but I only picked five that are
      representative -- any one of the five may currently occupy that variable.

      My data is in a grid where there are ten rows of entrants below five
      events, and then ten more rows of five events and repeat again ... so it
      is really a three dimensional array of sorts that I am actually working
      on. But I cannot simply search and replace as their are other data
      elements in the form that I cannot act on.

      So I have already retrieved an event name when I am using this series of

      Sheri wrote:
      > --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, "Don - HtmlFixIt.com" <don@...> wrote:
      >> ;assign event codes for hytek
      >> ^!Set %current_event%=^$StrReplace(" Relay";"R";"^%current_event%";Yes;Yes)$
      >> ^!Set %current_event%=^$StrReplace(" Run";"";"^%current_event%";Yes;Yes)$
      >> ^!Set %current_event%=^$StrReplace(" Dash";"";"^%current_event%";Yes;Yes)$
      >> ^!Set %current_event%=^$StrReplace(" LH";"H";"^%current_event%";Yes;Yes)$
      >> ^!If "^%gender%" = "M" Next ELSE Skip
      >> ^!Set %current_event%=^$StrReplace("100/110
      >> HH";"110H";"^%current_event%";Yes;Yes)$
      >> ^!Set %current_event%=^$StrReplace("100/110
      >> HH";"100H";"^%current_event%";Yes;Yes)$
      > Such as you've shown it, you're replacing in an empty string ^%current_event%
      >> better ideas?
      >> Don - HtmlFixIt.com wrote:
      >>> I have a list of items that are track events:
      >>> 3200 Relay
      >>> 300 Hurdles
      >>> 400 Run
      >>> 100 Run
      >>> 100/110 HH
      > Is this one event or 5?
      >>> When I actually use them I want them to read thus:
      >>> 3200R
      >>> 300H
      >>> 400
      >>> 100
      >>> (this one is tricky)
      >>> if ^%gender%=M then 110H
      >>> but if ^%gender%=F then 100H
      > Where did %gender% get set?
      > I think you probably want to want to find a series of lines that represents a "gender event" and then do a series of replace-in-highlight on it. Then loop to do the next "gender event".
      > Regards,
      > Sheri
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