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18988Re: [Clip] Re: Using regex to insert a comment

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Mar 4, 2009
      Um yes Flo, can you break that down for the slow kids in the back here?

      paulmaser wrote:
      > Flo;
      > Once again, your regex is beyond my ability to comprehend and I will have to dive into the manual to understand what you are doing. It looks like it gives me exactly what I needed. Using the clipboard to store is pretty nifty. Your use of \K is really inovative.
      > Thanks again;
      > Paul
      >> When running the following clip on these lines...
      >> ^!SetScreenUpdate Off
      >> ^!SetWordWrap Off
      >> ^!Jump Doc_Start
      >> :Start
      >> ^!Find "(?s)^<!--[^-]+-->\x20\r\n<li>.+?((?=^<!)|\Z)" RS
      >> ^!IfError End
      >> ; Long line start
      >> ^!SetClipboard ^$GetDocMatchAll("^<\!--\x20\K([^-]+)(?=-->\x20\r\n<li>)")$
      >> ; Long line end
      >> ^!Replace "(<li>)(<b>)" >> "$1^$GetClipboard$$2" HARS
      >> ^!Jump Select_End
      >> ^!If ^$GetRow$=^$GetTextLineCount$ End
      >> ^!Goto Start
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