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18925Re: problem with ^!Email command

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  • Michael Frascinella
    Feb 2, 2009

      <>I tried including ^!setdebug on before the ^!email command and the
      clip acted like it didn't even see the ^!email command. I also tried
      setting custom program defaults as you suggested but my machine still
      defaults to Outlook Express. Must be a Windows feature -- ignore the
      user's commands.

      I also tried the suggestion in the online help of adding a message after
      the subject line:
      ^!email abc@...;this is subject;this is the message.

      Again NoteTab acts like there is no Email command.

      Does any one else know if there is a NoteTab setting that controls this

      Since I am getting nowhere with this command let me pose this question:
      Is there a way to take a list of e-mail addresses and send the same mail
      to all recipients, but in such a way that I could include the recipients
      name in the salutation? I want to start contacting Senators and
      Congressmen to voice an opinion on various issues but was looking for
      something other than a mailing list.

      Michael F

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