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18921Re: [Clip] problem with ^!Email command

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  • Hugo Paulissen
    Feb 2, 2009
      Hi Michael,
      > I tried the Send E-Mail clip in the Sample Code library, it failed
      to open a message window when I selected Yes (insert the + sign). It
      *did* work when I Selected No (no + sign). I also tried the above
      command in a separate clip and it did nothing when I included the + sign.
      Can anyone confirm this behavior? I'm running NoteTab Pro 5.7/fv on
      Windows XP Home.
      I do not encounter your problem, I'm using 5.7 on XP Professional.
      > Second question: how do I tell NoteTab which e-mail program to open? It
      is defaulting to Outlook Express, which I don't use.
      I think you have to tell Windows! Have a look at "Control Panel"/"Add or Remove Programs" and select "Set Program Access and Defaults" at the left.

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