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18888RE: [Clip] Re: Dictionaries, ZIP-files and javascript was:(unknown)

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  • John Shotsky
    Jan 26, 2009
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      Just use Vista's file Explorer. Place your zip file in a folder on your hard drive, then browse to the zip file on the LEFT side
      (tree view), but don't double click it.it acts as if it is a folder itself. In fact, it will have a little zipper on the zip file
      icon. Single click it and then you'll see the files on the RIGHT side. Highlight them and drag them to a location of your choosing.
      I usually drag them to the same folder the zip file is in.

      If you have trouble, either use Explorer's help system, or google for Zip files vista. But this is really just like moving files
      from one folder to another, so no separate zip tool is needed.


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      > Ron Mccargar wrote:
      > > I would like to know if anyone can tell me where I
      > > might find a current (up to date) javascript library to download ..
      > Current I don't know, but see if you can have any use of the older
      > ones found here anyway.
      > http://notetab.com/java.php
      > Lotta
      Thank you ( Don , Alec and Lotta ) for your help ... I appreciate it !
      Vista has no built in Zip file program but I'll download one , I don't
      know exactly how to get the dictionary or any library into NoteTab but
      I'll work on it :-))

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