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18786Re: [Clip] ^!Keyboard - multiple key presses?

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Dec 8, 2008
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      donnybahama wrote:
      > I remember doing something like this...
      > ^!Keyboard {down,12}
      > OR
      > ^!Keyboard {down 12}
      > But I get an error message either way. This isn't covered in the clip
      > programming help. Can anyone tell me the correct syntax for this?

      ^!Keyboard DOWN #12#

      putting things between number symbols actually enters those key strokes

      Available keys are:
      most special keys including Function, control, alt, directional arrows, etc.

      There is help and it does explain it a bit. It gives this example which
      shows how to combine two keys (line alt+x):
      ^!Keyboard CTRL+O #Hello World#

      Look in clip programming help under "Keyboard Macros" and you will find it.
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