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18757Re: NAND per sand (NOT Ampersand)

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  • Flo
    Dec 1, 2008
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      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, "ebbtidalflats" <ebbtidalflats@...>
      > I have a user-defined function (custom function) which under
      > SOME conditions does not execute its code as expected...
      > When I use ^& as argument passer...

      Eb, Sheri,

      I think one questions was how to use "^& as argument passer". I can't
      see how anything is "passed" here at all with...

      ^!Set %arg%=^&

      It has been said that the ^& token works as a "shorthand for
      preselected text (Sheri in a previous message)". Also it's a
      shorthand for a parameter that is passed over to a sublip (see my
      examples below). But Eb's clip doesn't select anything.

      For me, a working Custom Clip Function -- similar to Eb's concept --
      would be...


      ; long line start
      ^!Set %arg%=^$StrReplace("^%nl%^%nl%^%nl%";"^%nl%^%nl%";"^$GetClipText
      ("Sample Text")$";0;0)$
      ; long line end
      ^!If ^$StrPos("^%nl%^%nl%^%nl%";"^%arg%";0)$>0 SKIP_-1
      ^!Result ^%arg%

      Actually, it's a miracle for me how Eb's concept gets to any output
      at all. Which command in his clip is producing the output of
      paragraph #2 to #3 of the Sample Text clip?


      P.S. If I'm not mistaken, these are three examples for the use of ^&

      1. Select any text in a document and display it with...

      ^!Info ^&

      2. Put a preselected word into a Wizard field...

      ^!Set %text%=^?[Select text first=^&]
      ^!Info ^%text%

      3. Pass a parameter over to a subclip...

      ; Start Clip
      ^!Clip "Names" George

      ; Subclip "Names"
      ^!Info The name is ^&
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