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18746Re: [Clip] Creating and passing variables

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  • loro
    Nov 25, 2008
      Robin & Blaine Clark wrote:
      >I want to pass the currently open .htm file to a remote browser choice
      >clip to test the .htm file I'm editing under several different
      >browsers. I think these are the steps that I need to complete, but;
      >How to create and then pass the needed variables?
      >Focus on currently open file in NoteTab ... which may not be needed
      >since the file would already be focused?

      Yes, not needed.

      >Get its file name & path, and save it somehow.

      There are two "tokens" that will automatically translate to the full
      file name, ^** and ^##. You can read about the difference in the
      section Clip Basics in the ordinary Help file (not Clip Help).

      >Now, collect that result and convert it to link format.

      So... if we call the variable 'url'---
      !Set %url%=^$FileToUrl("^**")$

      >Next, pass the resultant variable to my remote browser choice clip.
      >^!FarClip "Programs:Browser Choice" %variable%

      You must prefix the variable with a circumflex to "use" it, get the
      value out of it.

      ^!FarClip "Programs:Browser Choice" ^%url%

      Hope that works now. ;-o)

      >I've looked the help file over, but I can't find how to save and pass
      >the results from the two ^$X$ commands.
      >Fookes Software: http://www.fookes.com/
      >NoteTab website: http://www.notetab.com/
      >NoteTab Discussion Lists: http://www.notetab.com/groups.php
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