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18745Re: [Clip] Creating and passing variables

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Nov 25, 2008
      Variables keep their value as long as the Clipbook is kept open. NoteTab
      recognizes two types of variables: local variables that exist only
      within the context of the library that created them (they are cleared if
      you change libraries or close the Clipbook), and permanent variables
      that keep their value even when you change libraries (but not if you
      close the Clipbook). Add the prefix "p_" to define a permanent variable
      (e.g. ^%p_KeepValue%). If you want to preserve a variable's value even
      after closing NoteTab, you can store it in an INI file by using the
      "^!SaveValue" command and then restore it later by using the
      "^$GetValue()$" function.

      In clip help under "variable".

      So just create a permanent variable, but why a far clip as opposed to a

      ON the save it somehow, you just use a set variable=getexpanded name

      Then for filename just insert the variable there I suspect.

      I'm not really working the thing, just talking off the top of my head.

      Robin & Blaine Clark wrote:
      > I want to pass the currently open .htm file to a remote browser choice
      > clip to test the .htm file I'm editing under several different
      > browsers. I think these are the steps that I need to complete, but;
      > How to create and then pass the needed variables?
      > Focus on currently open file in NoteTab ... which may not be needed
      > since the file would already be focused?
      > ^!FocusDoc
      > Get its file name & path, and save it somehow.
      > ^$GetExpandedName$
      > Now, collect that result and convert it to link format.
      > ^$FileToUrl("FileName")$
      > Next, pass the resultant variable to my remote browser choice clip.
      > ^!FarClip "Programs:Browser Choice" %variable%
      > I've looked the help file over, but I can't find how to save and pass
      > the results from the two ^$X$ commands.
      > Thanks.
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