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18744Creating and passing variables

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  • Robin & Blaine Clark
    Nov 25, 2008
      I want to pass the currently open .htm file to a remote browser choice
      clip to test the .htm file I'm editing under several different
      browsers. I think these are the steps that I need to complete, but;
      How to create and then pass the needed variables?

      Focus on currently open file in NoteTab ... which may not be needed
      since the file would already be focused?
      Get its file name & path, and save it somehow.
      Now, collect that result and convert it to link format.
      Next, pass the resultant variable to my remote browser choice clip.
      ^!FarClip "Programs:Browser Choice" %variable%

      I've looked the help file over, but I can't find how to save and pass
      the results from the two ^$X$ commands.
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