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18623Re: [Clip] Re: Line frequency analysis.

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  • John Fitzsimons
    Nov 3, 2008
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      On Mon, 03 Nov 2008 07:01:02 -0500, Don - HtmlFixIt.com wrote:

      Hi Don,

      < snip >

      >Here is how I did something similar without regex -- I bet yours is faster.
      >In my case I am taking one element out of a delimited list vs his
      >example that has just one element, ie, the entire line. Here is mine:

      >;first time set team
      >^!Set %GrabField2%=^$GetField(^$GetRow$;^%TeamField%)$
      >;^!Info ^%GrabField2%
      >^!Set %Team%=^$GetSelection$
      >^!Set %TeamCount%=0
      >;^!Info ^%TeamCount%
      >;get team for this line
      >^!Set %GrabField2%=^$GetField(^$GetRow$;^%TeamField%)$
      >;be sure that this line is for current team
      >;if not, go to ProcessTeam
      >;otherwise continue here
      >^!If "^%Team%" <> "^$GetSelection$" ProcessTeam
      >^!Set %TeamCount%=^$Calc(^%TeamCount%+1;0)$
      >;^!Info ^%TeamCount%
      >^!Jump +1
      >^!GoTo Loop

      >;There is more here that does something with the info
      >^!GoTo NewTeam

      Thanks. I did give it a go in 4.95 but unfortunately it didn't finish.
      It took about a half hour to go through my text file and then kept
      doing something (without producing any output) for another half
      an hour. Before I stopped it.

      Regards, John.
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