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18473Re: [Clip] Insert blank line between every line of text

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Oct 5, 2008
      > Hi Chris:
      > You can do this w/o using a clip at all ...
      > Just go to Replace dialog and replace all occurrences of ^P by ^P^P (^P
      > is a token that represents a line-feed) so this will turn single-spaced
      > lines into double-spaced.
      > Note: any blank lines would be turned into four blank lines - if you
      > want (say) to change those to only two blank lines you could replace all
      > ^P^P^P^P by ^P^P^P

      So do that first and then when you finish you run this:
      replace ^P^P^P with ^P^P and re-run it until you get no replacements.

      So first all are doubled and then all greater than doubled are reduced
      back to doubles.

      A regex will do it as suggested by Flo no doubt, but regex is hugely
      confusing to many beginners (and to me whatever I am -- though I'm
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