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18465Insert blank line between every line of text

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  • chris_mclean1954
    Oct 5 12:09 AM
      I have been directed to this group by NoteTab support. I sent them a
      question asking if it is possible to tell NoteTab to insert a blank
      line between every line of text in a text document. They told me that
      it is a simple thing to do with a clip. However, until I got this
      message I had never even heard of clips, so you can see that I am a
      total beginner at this.

      Can anyone tell me whether it is possible for a complete beginner, only
      using the Help function within Notetab, to create (or even use) a Clip
      to do this? If it is possible, any help with doing this would be
      greatly appreciated.

      I am formatting text for viewing in a small Personal Media Player
      (Cowon D2). I set the text to 45 characters width, and find that it is
      much easier to read if there is a blank line between each line of text.


      Chris McLean
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