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18298Re: [Clip] Re: Not a bug but can drive you up a tree (OnClipboardChange)

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  • loro
    Sep 4, 2008
      ebbtidalflats wrote:
      >Thanks for the post Lotta,
      >This explains a mystery I had encountered in the past, but could not

      I suspected I wasn't alone. :-)

      >I guess if a clip is empty and you execute it on a selection,
      >even automatically, it pastes over the selection --
      >replacing the selection with nothing.

      Yes, that seems to be what happens. But figuring that out wasn't painless.

      A dummy command goes at top of unfinished event clips after this.
      Other half done clips can be left as they are until inspiration
      returns, but I always comment out event clips to avoid nasty
      surprises. Duh! ;-o)

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