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18295Not a bug but can drive you up a tree (OnClipboardChange)

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    Sep 3, 2008
      I'm posting this in case someone else is haunted by the same "bug".
      Well, maybe it really is a bug, but not with what I thought.

      Lately it has happened from time to time that when I intend to copy
      text, it's cut instead. Only happens in Notetab. Doesn't matter how I
      do it, keyboard, menu, context menu. Usually things are back to
      normal after a while. But today it really stuck. Restarted Notetab,
      rebooted... it was still there.

      I've been doing this all day and at last I realized what caused it. I
      had a library open with an OnClipboardChange clip that was commented out.

      To get to the point, if you have a library open with an
      OnClipboardChange clip that is either totally blank or have all code
      lines commented out, Notetab will eat the text you try to copy. Be
      aware. It's no fun!

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