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18168RE: [Clip] AutoCorrect clips => any way to automate large numbers of entries

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  • John Shotsky
    Aug 6, 2008
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      I sometimes have to do something like this. I simply make a single clip that is named (in your case) Expand State

      In that clip, I set up the Replace statements to find the abbreviated form and replace with the extended form.

      You may encounter periods, like N.Y. For those, in my find section I search for "N\.?Y\.?" and replace with "New York"
      You may also then find that N.Y. ends a sentence, and the clip removes the period. You can probably figure how to fix
      that. Here's the line for New York:
      ^!Replace "N\.?Y\.?" >> "New York " ARSTW
      To make the clip, just add the first one without it's state information, and copy it 50 times, then populate each one
      with the state information. If you're good with excel, you can use it to automatically produce all 50 clip lines. Set up
      two columns with the abbreviations and states, with any provisions for periods included in the abbreviations. In a 3rd
      column, write a formula that concatenates the regex terms with the columns. Drag that formula down all 50 rows and
      voila! Copy and paste the 3rd column into your clip.

      Once you have a clip to expand abbreviations, you can just 'call it' from your master clip, or click on it manually if
      you prefer.

      I have also set up separate text files for this purpose, but they don't work as well because you can't use regex as
      shown above in the text files. The text files are generally set up as a 'find' term, a tab, and a 'replace' term. Again,
      you'd have to have one for NY, and another one for N.Y. to accomplish what the clip above does. I have converted all my
      separate text files to clips at this point.

      Hope this helps.


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      Subject: [Clip] AutoCorrect clips => any way to automate large numbers of entries

      Does anyone have a way to add multiple clips to the AutoCorrect library
      without manually adding each one individually?

      For instance, all fifty of the United states.
      When the Postal abbreviation is used the long name is filled in:
      AL Alabama
      AK Alaska
      AZ Arizona


      I have other lists I would like to add as well but I find it rather
      daunting to have to add each one manually.
      I was hoping it might be possible to create the clips by importing a
      tabbed list or something like that.
      The left column would have the abbreviations and right the auto
      completed word(s).

      Any ideas?

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