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18004Re: [Clip] keyboard in odd character?

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  • hsavage
    Jun 12, 2008
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      Don - HtmlFixIt.com wrote:
      > I need a dot in data I am entering.
      > I am using this character >•< which should appear as a >dot< perhaps.
      > I use these lines in my clip:
      > ^!Set %address%="^%address%•^%the_data6% ^%the_data7% ^%the_data8%"
      > ^!Keyboard #^%address%#
      > The Dot disappears (you should see it between ^%address% and
      > I am having this keyboarded into a form on a web page.
      > Thanks,
      > Don


      The sample clip below should solve your problem with a few changes to
      the way you setup your variables.

      ^!ClipBoardSave and ^!ClipBoardRestore +, work great, a sample clip is
      included to demonstrate the use of the commands.

      ^!ClipBoardSave (added in v4.6)
      Saves the Clipboard contents (any type of data) in NoteTab's internal
      memory. This command is to be used in conjunction with
      ^!ClipBoardRestore. It is particularly useful when you want to use the
      Clipboard for temporary storage without permanently removing what the
      user may have initially stored in it.

      ^!ClipBoardRestore [+] (added in v4.6)
      Restore the contents of clipboard saved through the ^!ClipBoardSave
      command. Use the optional "+" parameter if you want NoteTab to keep the
      saved Clipboard data in its internal memory (lets you restore it again
      at a later stage).

      ; Save the bullet to clipboard in this manner at beginning of clip.
      ^!SetClipboard •

      ^!SetClipboard XXXXX

      ^!Set %address%="40 Golf Course Road"; %the_data6%="THE DATA6";
      %the_data7%="THE DATA7"; %the_data8%="THE DATA8"

      ; For each subsequent use of bullet preface each ^!KeyBoard command with
      ^!ClipBoardRestore +
      ; only necessary if you've copied some else to the clipboard in the interim.
      ; the ^!SetClipboard command for XXXXX and YYYYY are there for demo
      purposes only.

      ^!ClipBoardRestore +
      ^!Keyboard #^%address%# $20 Ctrl+V $20 #^%the_data6%# $20 #^%the_data7%#
      $20 #^%the_data8%# ENTER

      ^!SetClipboard YYYYY

      ^!ClipBoardRestore +
      ^!Keyboard #WORD# $20 CTRL+V $20 #WORD# ENTER ENTER

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