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18003Re: [Clip] keyboard in odd character?

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Jun 12, 2008
      Art Kocsis wrote:
      > Either it is a bug or by design, NoteTab does not appear to support
      > extended characters (above 80 hex or 128 decimal), in (at least),
      > the ^!Set and ^!Keyboard commands. So just extend what I gave
      > you before. Multiple ^!Keyboard output strings are concatenated
      > until terminated. Play with this work around:
      > ^!SetClipboard •
      > ^!Keyboard #test8:# #string1# $20 CTRL+V $20 #string2#
      > ^!SetClipboard ^$DecToChar(151)$
      > ^!Keyboard $22 CTRL+V $22 #string3#
      > ^!SetClipboard ^$DecToChar(167)$
      > ^!Keyboard $20 CTRL+V $20 #string4#
      > ^!SetClipboard ^$DecToChar(169)$
      > ^!Keyboard $22 CTRL+V $22 #string5# #^%NL%# #^%NL%#
      > Art

      It seems that maybe notetab should support the extended characters. I
      wonder why not. Thanks Art for figuring that out. Help also should
      mention the limitation it seems to me. Maybe this can either be fixed
      or mentioned in the newest version 5.7 that will be released some day soon.
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