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17974Jody WAS: New Clip Programmer

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  • loro
    Jun 1, 2008
      Art wrote:
      >This may be off topic but I haven't been in this group for a number
      >of years and just read your post about Jody. I am dismayed. I was
      >going to write him and then thought it would be better to not burden
      >him if there was another source for support so I rejoined this list.
      >When did he pass on? Was it an accident?

      It was early last year. Not an accident, cancer. Very short time from
      when he took ill until he passed away. Eric made a couple of posts
      informing us at the time, beginning here.

      >Thanks. He was not only a wonderful tutor but a compassionate and
      >generous person. He (obviously), is missed.

      Yes, it hasn't been the same since.

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