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17733Re: [Clip] Re: Newbie, can anyone help please ?

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  • buralex@gmail.com
    Apr 16, 2008
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      "petermarchal12" <konijntjepluis@...> said on Apr 16, 2008 23:46
      -0400 (in part):
      > Thanks Alec ! Seems to work !!
      > Just one tiny question, is it possible that this clip does not take
      > lines starting with # into account ?
      > So only processing these lines when they DO NOT start with # ?
      sort of :-!
      As currently coded it ignores *anything* in front of "[Important]" at
      the beginning of a line.
      ie. "xx error xx[Important] $LOG(4,6)$SET( value=5130)" would just wind
      up removing "xx error xx" as if it weren't there and generate the same 6
      lines randomized.

      Its possible to rework the algorithm so that it will handle this
      differently though currently it expects all the targeted lines to be in
      a group and simply replaces the whole mess with the lines:

      * ;select from first target line to last and replace
      * ^!find "(?s)^(\[Important\]).*\1.*?\r\n" rwsai
      o this line selects all the way from the first line beginning
      with [Important]
      o to the end of the last line in the file starting with
      [Important] and
      + eats anything in between that doesn't match.
      * ^!inserttext ^%sortLines%^P

      Since we've got this far, could you post a sample of your ACTUAL data
      (or save a file in yahoo-groups files
      http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ntb-clips/files/Help_wanted/ ) and
      indicate what the problem is with what you are getting currently.

      (my 17732 TEST only message appeared on yahoo-group list in
      seconds so hopefully dropped messages problem was a one-time occurrence)

      Regards ... Alec -- buralex-gmail

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