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17710Replacing bold tags with h3 tags only when on a separate line?

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  • Sharon
    Apr 2, 2008
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      I'm trying to write a clip that will replace html bold tags only when
      they're on their own line, with h3 tags. So, this

      some text here
      some more text

      should be replaced with

      some text here
      some more text

      but if there's text like this

      here's a sentence with <b>a bold phrase</b> included

      then the <b> tags shouldn't be changed.

      I believe I'm looking for the regular expression


      and once I find it, I want to replace the .* with

      ^!InsertHtml <h3>^&</h3>

      but I'm not sure how to combine these commands. Thanks in advance for
      any advice!

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