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17703Re: [Clip] Re: Replacing comma with a tab

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  • buralex@gmail.com
    Apr 1, 2008
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      "dracorat" <dracorat@...> said on Mar 31, 2008 13:22 -0400 (in
      > I never really trust the "." specifier when combined with a * or + as
      > how it operates tends to be hit-and-miss (sometimes only grabbing the
      > first thing sometimes grabbing everything it can) and you have to test
      > to be sure.
      > I probably would have gone with something like:
      > ^([^,]*),([^,]*),
      > $1\t$2\t
      > But as long as the other solutions are working then that's cool.
      > --Keith
      Can you provide examples of "hit-or-miss" operation of the "." specifier?

      I used to have problems guessing/predicting ;-) what a dot would do
      but since I got fairly comfortable with ? to make .* non greedy and
      (?s)/(?-s) to make dot match/not match line feeds I'm not surprised as
      often :-)

      Regards ... Alec -- buralex-gmail

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