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17319[Clip] Re: Concept-based Search

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  • dracorat
    Jan 18, 2008
      I should also point out that including the pluras "es" form is
      sometimes not desired. For example, if we had car|automobile we would get:

      Sally cares {automobile} about her dog.

      But for that matter, the "s" form has the same issue, just in lower
      quantity. Thus, it's a question of what's better - smaller dictionary,
      or dictionary with every valid permutation.

      (Or even, just do only "s")

      His cat let out a loud hiss.


      His {owner} cat let out a loud hiss {owner}.

      The "s" case would be pretty rare, however. (The "es" not so rare.)


      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, "dracorat" <dracorat@...> wrote:
      > I forgot to include the trailing questionmark. Sorry bout that.
      > (Because it's optional to be plural)
      > If you leave off the $2, the plural form will be changed to the
      > singular. The second capture is what plural form we found.
      > --Keith
      > (Happy ho help. - I LOVE regular expressions)
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