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  • Dave
    Jan 7, 2008
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      I assume you the remind me.clb, it runs a timer in the background and unless
      your machine is a bit sad it should make very little difference. I would
      change the clb to suit ,this is the top line of the .clb

      "This library shows how you can use the timer Clip event to create a
      scheduler. The timer event executes the "Remind Me" Clip every 30 seconds.
      The script in that Clip then checks the system clock, and if one of the
      tested time ranges is matched, it jumps to the specified label and displays
      an appropriate message. Feel free to customize this Clip with your own

      Note that the timer event stops as soon as you close the library, but not
      when you hide the Clipbook window or when you switch to other libraries. Use
      the "Stop reminding" Clip to disable the timer event, and the "Start again"
      Clip if you want it to resume."

      have a look at this is from clip script help under events
      ^!TimerStart nnnn

      Defines an event timer. nnnn represents the interval in milliseconds. For
      example, "^!TimerStart 5000" will execute the assigned Clip (set with
      "^!TimerPlay") every 5 seconds. Note that the Clip is not executed if the
      Clipbook is already in the process of executing another Clip.


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      > I'd like to use a Timer Clip to remind me of birthdays, appointments,
      > and meetings. The Clip that comes with NoteTab doesn't explain how to
      > make it work. I really need your help here.
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