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17170Clip library, how correct misspellings?

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  • cocobolomargarita
    Dec 4, 2007
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      I am fairly new to Note Tab Standard and do I love it. I can't seem to
      get a handle on the Clips though. I've made a lot of shortcuts for whole
      phrases and paragraphs for myself (my Clip library?) but I thought that
      Note Tab would correct misspellings, at least common ones. I couldn't
      get it to correct Apostle at all, nor Cambridge. I added it to the
      Clips under Auto Correct but when I mistyped on purpose it still did not
      correct. I need to know just how this works, or does it? I know it must
      be in the Help file somewhere but I can't see it. Thank you. I need at
      least a month to study all of Note Tab's help files! ~~Linnea
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