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16936Re: [Clip] Absolute to Relative HTML Address Converter Clip

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Sep 18, 2007
      clipuser wrote:
      > Does anyone know of a clip that will convert Absolute URLs contained
      > in HTML code into Relative URLs based on the folder structure in which
      > the HTML files are contained?
      > I have drafted many pages with many links for a new web site using
      > absolute addresses. I used absolute addresses so that I can test them
      > on my PC before publishing them. (I wanted to avoid the hassle of
      > revising a large number of relative addresses each time I revised the
      > evolving folder structure.) Now I want to convert the addresses to
      > relative addresses before uploading them to the server.
      Search and replace either straight up or regex. You should simply be
      removing the same thing from the front of every url it seems to me. I
      have a client who pays me to do this all the time using notetab.
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