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16933Re: [Clip] Absolute to Relative HTML Address Converter Clip

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  • Axel Berger
    Sep 18, 2007
      clipuser wrote:
      > (I wanted to avoid the hassle of revising a large number of
      > relative addresses each time I revised the evolving
      > folder structure.)

      I don't see you logic. With absolute you have to work in every little
      change, relative stays the same if you move several things together.

      That said you now want to redo lots of files. The relative position does
      not only depend on the target but also the file you are working on - not
      easy. My suggestion would be to go half way and make all URLs start from
      your root.
      I.e. every "http://mydomain.com/first/second/third/file.htm" becomes
      "/first/second/third/file.htm" beginning with a slash. Of course
      "fourth/image.jpg" is nicer than "/first/second/third/fourth/image.jpg"
      but you have to balance nicety against effort.

      The disadvantage is that those links won't work on your drive at home.
      But there you have
      subst b: f:\myprojects\current_project
      best run from a batch.
      Then your project sits in the root of B: at home and the root of the
      server when submitted.

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