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16899Re: [Clip] images to html page - available clips

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  • Pat
    Aug 25, 2007
      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, Axel Berger <Axel-Berger@...> wrote:
      > "Pat(kitPatH)" wrote:
      > > I'm thinking of setting up images in a table instead of one per
      > > Basically just looking for other people's ideas?
      > Don't! Absolutely do not! If the table cells fit the images, the
      > has a fixed size and will only fit one single size of window. If you
      > size the table relative to the window the images will only fit the
      > well at one single size of window. This is totally against the
      grain and
      > spirit of HTML where you supply the content and the reader
      > his preferred look and layout.
      > My idea how thumbnail pages ought to be done is this:
      > http://axel.berger-odenthal.de/Urlaub/Pic/Is-05/D18/index.html
      > It is a bit of a hack. The CSS standard has defined the attribute
      > "inline-table" for just this purpose but no single browser supports
      > so you have to fudge it.
      > Don't forget to resize the window from very small to very wide and
      > between. Firefox lets you do it while reformatting on the fly while
      > drag - highly recommended for testing out fluid layouts.
      > Axel

      Axel, this is what I had in mind! To me, it's a table. one image per
      row. the jpgs i am working with are all one size or same range
      (mostly 75x100). I just want a quicker way to label each jpg with the
      file name. and i thought a clip would do that for me...

      front page has a feature but it assumes the original photos are
      huges. it uses a data approach.



      resizable -- which i don't like but some people are using resolutions
      i hear about


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