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16898Re: [Clip] images to html page - available clips

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  • Axel Berger
    Aug 25, 2007
      "Pat(kitPatH)" wrote:
      > I'm thinking of setting up images in a table instead of one per paragraph.
      > Basically just looking for other people's ideas?

      Don't! Absolutely do not! If the table cells fit the images, the table
      has a fixed size and will only fit one single size of window. If you
      size the table relative to the window the images will only fit the cells
      well at one single size of window. This is totally against the grain and
      spirit of HTML where you supply the content and the reader determines
      his preferred look and layout.
      My idea how thumbnail pages ought to be done is this:


      It is a bit of a hack. The CSS standard has defined the attribute
      "inline-table" for just this purpose but no single browser supports it
      so you have to fudge it.
      Don't forget to resize the window from very small to very wide and in
      between. Firefox lets you do it while reformatting on the fly while you
      drag - highly recommended for testing out fluid layouts.

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