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16691Re: [Clip] forcing a program to react to ^!PlayBack

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  • Axel Berger
    Jul 3, 2007
      kenfhill84083 wrote:
      > Are there any other approaches besides this

      I'd do it differently. There is a very nice program called AutoIT that
      does exactly what is needed.

      And to keep this on topic, NoteTab would be a great tool to write the
      .AUT files with the commands in and with clips you could automate it for
      your tasks.

      As an example texts copied from a website often start far from the
      leftmost colomn. I mark the superfluous spaces in one line with
      <Ctrl><C> and then run the following in Notepad+:

      MsgBox, 1, Typomat, Jetzt los?
      IfMsgBox, CANCEL, Goto, denied

      Send, ^h^v!a
      Sleep, 2000
      Send, {ENTER}
      Send, {ESC}
      Send, ^q
      Send, {ENTER}

      Goto, loop

      where ^x is <Ctrl><X> and !x is <Alt><X>.

      This is especially nice if there are a whole bunch of files to do.

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