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1669[Clip] Re: Playing Midi Files

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  • obie@gte.net
    Oct 14, 1999
      > Hi Jody,
      > I-View??? I have that but what does it have to do with
      > Media Player? Did I miss a beat here? ;-)
      > Mark
      > > Loop in the player under the "Player" tab and see if you
      > > have the first box checked to reuse the same window.
      > > Another alternative is I_View - try one of these links:

      I believe, the original problem was having too many midi players open
      and having to close them all after you have finished listening Unless
      Note Tab causes the problem, Irfan View seems to do what you want. I
      just played several midi files through both Netscape and Opera browsers
      using IView as the midi player, and both browsers loaded only one copy
      of IView to play all the midis. Set IView as the helper for the file
      types first, and then try this site for several midis to play and see
      what happens:


      http://home1.gte.net/obie/Index.htm [Home Page]
      http://home1.gte.net/obie/What800_1.htm [Software Page]
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