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16683RE: [Clip] Re: Global (all files) does not work.

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  • Dan Rix
    Jul 1, 2007
      I did this and nothing out of the ordinary showed up. Thanks, for the help


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      > For Example I use:
      > ^!Replace "NM1*85*" >> "^PNM1*85*" TWASG
      > When I run this clip, it only works on the current open file and not
      > the others. I am using NTpro V5.2. It worked in v4xx. Any
      > suggestions? I was blown off by tech support when I tried to report
      > the problem.


      You can always troubleshoot by removing the "S(ilent)" switch, and see
      what kind of messages you get as you approach the end of the first
      document. Global search and replace from the menu DOES work.

      Replace will NOT replace anything in READ-ONLY documents. Some
      "undocumented feature" in NoteTab occasionally loads files as
      ReadOnly, even if they are not so on disk. I suspect (GUESS) this has
      something to do with Unicode files in Ascii/Ansi mode, or other
      filetype problem.


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