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16682RE: [Clip] Re: Global (all files) does not work.

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  • Dan Rix
    Jul 1, 2007
      Thank you, that worked, but the more important message is why does this work
      in v4.xx and not v5.2?


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      > For Example I use:
      > ^!Replace "NM1*85*" >> "^PNM1*85*" TWASG
      > When I run this clip, it only works on the current open file and not
      > the others. I am using NTpro V5.2. It worked in v4xx. Any
      > suggestions? I was blown off by tech support when I tried to report
      > the problem.

      If necessary, you could loop through all open documents.

      H="loop through tabs"
      ; Documents are indexed 1 to GetDocCount.
      ^!Set %i%=^$GetDocCount$
      ^!If ^%i% < 1 ExitLoop
      ; Activate the document
      ^!SetDocIndex ^%i%
      ^!Replace "NM1*85*" >> "^PNM1*85*" TWASG
      ^!Dec %i%
      ^!GoTo Loop

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